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Body Treatment Warwick

Tacitah Beauty Warwick - Body

Relieve tired aching muscles and relax the mind with a bespoke Swedish body massage...
simply choose the time you need and the areas needed...

30 Mins / £27

45 Mins / £37

60 Mins / £47

75 Mins / £57

90 Mins / £67

Warm Bamboo Massage 

A unique massage therapy that relaxes tight muscles instantly and painlessly...
The warm Bamboo releases muscle tension and relieves aches and pains. The warmth is deeply relaxing and helps to melt away the most stubborn knots. So whether your tension is caused by stress, exercise, injury or simply sitting at your computer, this massage will help restore your body and relax your mind.

30 Mins /£30

60 Mins / £50

Hopi Ear Candles - £27

A canvas tube coated in bees wax, herbs and essential oils is gently placed in the opening of the ear and then lit from the top. The warmth creates a chimney effect during out impurities and aiding the rebalancing of ears and sinuses. The treatment has a record of success in treating stress, headaches, migraines, hearing impairment, hayfever and lack of balance. It is extremely relaxing and achieves excellent results. After both ears are treated a pressure point facial and scalp massage will be performed.

Exfoliating Body Treatment  £28

Using either our dermalogica mineral salt scrub or gentle rice bran and oatmeal powder your skin will be polished and finished with customized moisturiser leaving you with brighter softer skin.

Back facial - 30 mins £30 60 Mins £46

A Dermalogica treatment for that hard to reach area... Indulge your back with deep cleansing under steam, exfoliation to brighten, extractions if necessary, followed by a relaxing massage,. masque and customised moisturiser to finish

Please call on 07980 167 429 or email



"I have been seeing Cita for roughly 10 years for upper body/back massages which says volumes about the consistently high service she provides.  Cita not only gives an excellent massage but also tailors treatments to your individual requirements.  Cita is a friendly, approachable and professional therapist who makes you feel relaxed and at ease.  I would highly recommend her to anyone." Andy x

Cita's salon is my refuge. I go to see her in the sure knowledge that I can relax as soon as I have arrived. Cita is always welcoming and unfailingly professional in the way she carries out every treatment....and her massages are second to none! Cilla x

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